How to create OU in Active Directory Domain Service – Server 2012

OU in Active Directory Domain Service – Server 2012

Organizational Unit (OU) is basically a container object in AD DS (Active Directory Domain Service); it can contain another object. An OU is a container that actually represents a logical grouping of different resources that have identical security/administrative settings.

The benefits of creating an Organization Unit

  • Delegation
  • Applying Security Policy

To create an OU in Server 2012, you would need the membership of the Account Operators group, Domain Admins group, or Enterprise Admins group in AD DS.

Here’s a step by step tutorial dedicated to Active Directory Domain Service (Server 2012)

Step 1:Open the “Server Manager.” (Check the screenshot below)


1 Server Manager


Step 2:Open the “Active Directory Domain Service: section.

Step 3: Now, click on the “Active Directory Users and Computers” option. (Check the screenshot below)

2 Active Directory User and Group

Step 4:Right click on “Domain” and then, select the “New” option Click on the “Organizational Unit” option from the dropdown menu that appears.

3 New OU


Step 6:Enter the “OU Name” and click on the “Ok” button.(Check the screenshot below)


4 OU Name

Step 7:OU has now been created successfully. (Check the screenshot below)

5 OU

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